Lucky 3 Farm LLC is just 30 miles north of Raleigh in beautiful Franklin County, NC. We sell our "beyond organic" and slowly raised meats through our exclusive CSA and some featured products here on Home Grown Cow. Animal welfare and sustainability are our top priorities. 

We are a small farm raising animals the old-fashioned way - we feed our cows only grass; we don't give our animals hormones or antibiotics; we don't use pesticides on our land/pastures. We have a small amount of animals so we can intensely focus on their health, the quality of meat they produce, and growing the most nutritious grasses year-round for them to enjoy. 

Happy Animals, Healthy Meat. That's the philosophy of Lucky 3 Farm. We believe in what we're doing and we're passionate about it. Period. 

About Products & Animals

Our cattle are 100% grass fed with no hormones or antibiotics. They get to roam in our healthy pastures that feature dozens of types of grasses and plenty of shade for our hot summers. 

Our pigs enjoy foraging in our pastures and roaming in our woods. They also have free access to a 100% organic feed whenever they want. They enjoy the sunshine on their backs, the fresh country air, and an antibiotic and hormone-free life on our small farm. 

The meat chickens are raised on our pastures, which means they eat grass and bugs, but they are also fed a 100% organic, non GMO feed. 

We put a lot of emphasis on humane treatment and stress-free handling of our livestock. We believe that results in gourmet, delicious meats hard to find anywhere else.

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